Project New Economy

The project “New Economy” is the conceptual design and implementation of a multimedia-based curriculum for online classes regarding new economy in the fields of economics, media and communications as well as in computer sciences. Modules of the curriculum should be established in high profile teaching as well as being available for workshops and for distance learning. Integration of the program into regular lectures is intended.

Project Goals include:

Participating in this project are chairs of the faculties of economics, in communications and multimedia sciences as well as computer sciences in Berlin (FU, TU, FHTW, HU), Bochum (Competence Center E-Commerce Ruhr-Universität), Trier (Universität Trier), Würzburg (Bayerische Julius-Maximilians-Universität).

The project manager was Prof. Dr. Axel Zerdick   †   (FU Berlin). The project coordination is administrated by the Dialekt Team of the Center for Digital Systems.